Resources for BIPOC in Lekwungen/METULIE area

During the early stages of the BLM uprisings after the tragic murder of George Floyd, I thought I'd try and find some BIPOC counsellors, or counselling groups that were lead by a BIPOC counsellor and make a list for friends and commmunity members. I used apps and sites that helped identify BIPOC counsellors, but there… Continue reading Resources for BIPOC in Lekwungen/METULIE area


2020 International Women’s Day thoughts

Content Note: All things colonization and genocide As a young Indigenous girl, I heard my dad's side of my family talk about their reverence of women. I saw my dad and uncles appreciation of their wives, even though sometimes my mom and aunties seemed to want a little more understanding than appreciation, it meant a… Continue reading 2020 International Women’s Day thoughts


Pollinator Steward – Land Manager Certificate Workshop

I attended a two day Pollinator Steward Land Manager Certificate workshop. I am a certified Pollinator Steward so long as I create something to support the wellbeing of bees on the land I manage, and so long as I teach someone/a group/a class/etc. a lesson on pollinator stewardship. I'm excited to teach my daycare students… Continue reading Pollinator Steward – Land Manager Certificate Workshop

Public Speaking

2018 Victoria Yoga Conference

JIET SEN TŦE SI,ĆENEṈ TEṈEW̱ LÁ,E TŦE Victoria Yoga Conference on February 9th. SI,ĆENEṈ is the name of the area UVIC was built on. My teachers told me that SI,ĆENEṈ means something like entering W̱SÁNEĆ. When I do territorial acknowledgments, I do my best to understand if I'm on W̱SÁNEĆ or Lekwungen territory. It's not cut… Continue reading 2018 Victoria Yoga Conference