I've always been terrible with titles, and I'll continue to be, but I wanted to write this down, somewhere.   One day, some years ago, I met a person who was teaching a group of us about the colonial violence on their homelands. And, since I'm from here, and since this group were inclusivity focused… Continue reading Food


Surprise, diverse perspectives

When people ask for "Indigenous perspectives" on things... There's a difference between someone whose from the territory and from someone whose not.   There's a difference between someone who has degrees and someone who doesn't have degrees.   I'm not saying one's good or bad, nor that one is better than the other. I'm saying… Continue reading Surprise, diverse perspectives


ÁLI SDÁLṈEW̱ Indigenous Foods Gathering

Featured image credit: Melody Charlie - First Nation Photographer June 1st and 2nd, I attended the Indigenous Foods Gathering. My home community of Tsawout hosted this event, and many guests from neighbouring Indigenous communities attended. I spoke on a panel, lead plant walks, and shared a story I wrote about a bee - SEMSMÍYE. The… Continue reading ÁLI SDÁLṈEW̱ Indigenous Foods Gathering


Pollinator Steward – Land Manager Certificate Workshop

I attended a two day Pollinator Steward Land Manager Certificate workshop. I am a certified Pollinator Steward so long as I create something to support the wellbeing of bees on the land I manage, and so long as I teach someone/a group/a class/etc. a lesson on pollinator stewardship. I'm excited to teach my daycare students… Continue reading Pollinator Steward – Land Manager Certificate Workshop

Public Speaking

2018 Victoria Yoga Conference

JIET SEN TŦE SI,ĆENEṈ TEṈEW̱ LÁ,E TŦE Victoria Yoga Conference on February 9th. SI,ĆENEṈ is the name of the area UVIC was built on. My teachers told me that SI,ĆENEṈ means something like entering W̱SÁNEĆ. When I do territorial acknowledgments, I do my best to understand if I'm on W̱SÁNEĆ or Lekwungen territory. It's not cut… Continue reading 2018 Victoria Yoga Conference